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Seoul Startup Breakfast Meetup

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Back in January of 2011 my friend Scott Britton organized a recurring breakfast in New York City for the startup community. Every time we planned to meet up someone was given the responsibility of bringing 3 or 4 new friends. While a simple enough concept, it was definitely one of the most impactful things that I did then as I was finding my way (both in terms of making new friends and growing my professional […]

WeWork Korea – Share the Warmth Winter 2018 Campaign

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Over lunch a couple months ago I told Mike Kim, founder of The Korea Legacy CommitteeĀ (KLC), that I had seen his group’s video (above), and it really had a profound impact on me. The stats regarding the elderly mentioned in the video truly shocked me, and on a personal level it made me think of my own mother and grandmother’s situation in Korea. I’m thankful to Mike and his team for volunteering so much of […]