WeWork Creator Awards Seoul 2018

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I am so excited to announce today that we are bringing the WeWork Creator Awards to Seoul this year!!

The Creator Awards is a global initiative to recognize and reward local creators right here in Korea. We will be awarding over 1 million USD (12억원) to winners in four categories: Performing Arts Award – 공연예술 (for entertainers and groups with a unique point of view – $18k – $72k USD), Nonprofit Award – 비영리 단체 (for charitable organizations big and small – $130k – $360k USD), New Venture Award – 새로운 벤처기업 (for entrepreneurs and companies with fresh ideas – $130k – $360k USD), and the Community Giver Award – 지역사회 기여자 및 단체 (for those making a difference – $36k – $130k USD).

Everyone is eligible to apply! – WeWork members and non-members; individuals and organizations; for-profits and nonprofits at any stage are eligible to apply for the Creator Awards. You do not need to be a WeWork member to apply, but everyone who does apply will receive a free one-year We Membership as our way of saying “welcome.” You are able to apply here. We will be adding in the ability to apply in Korean shortly!

The Creator Awards includes a series of events leading up to the main ceremony and celebration here in Seoul. Finalists for the Nonprofit, New Venture, and Community Giver Awards will be selected from online entries and invited to present at a Regional Semi-Final event. Select winners of the Nonprofit Award, New Venture Award, and Community Giver Awards will be chosen at each Regional Semi-Final event and will then have a chance to compete for additional awards at the Global Finals. Winners in the Performing Arts Award category will be selected from an internal judging process and are invited to perform at their Creator Awards regional final.

The Creator Awards Global Finals will take place in 2019 in New York City. Select winners from each Regional Semi-Final event will present a second time for additional awards followed by an evening of celebration on a grand scale.

A lot more information will be coming soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me any time or visit our Creator Awards website.

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