WeWork Yeoksam Station II

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WeWork / WeWork Korea

WeWork Yeoksam Station (Arc Place)

We opened up our 4th location in Seoul, WeWork Yeoksam Station, a little less than 3 months ago at Arc Place (formally Capital Tower). If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, you should come to check it out on Thursday night at our first WeWork After Dark in Korea. It’s an amazing space with a great community that includes companies such as Wanted, Collab, Uber, Hana TI, and Freshcode.


WeWork Yeoksam Station II (WeWork Building)

We’re very excited to grow the WeWork community in Gangnam with our 8th location in Seoul (and second in the Yeoksam area) that will be named WeWork Yeoksam Station II. WeWork will be occupying the entire building (14 floors and the 3 basement levels). The new location will be opening up on June 1st and hold over 1,000+ members. We will also be renaming the building to “WeWork Building”, matching the name of our other location near Samseong Station.

We’ve started touring so let me know if you want to stop by!

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