WeWork Korea – Share the Warmth Winter 2018 Campaign

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Over lunch a couple months ago I told Mike Kim, founder of The Korea Legacy Committee (KLC), that I had seen his group’s video (above), and it really had a profound impact on me. The stats regarding the elderly mentioned in the video truly shocked me, and on a personal level it made me think of my own mother and grandmother’s situation in Korea. I’m thankful to Mike and his team for volunteering so much of their time and efforts to bring awareness and action to this issue.

I’m also incredibly thankful to our WeWork Korea team and members who came out in November to help prepare and serve meals to over 2,000 seniors at the Seoul Senior Welfare Center that KLC helped to organize.

So about today… it’s cold in Seoul. Like really cold.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.31.32 PM.png

One of my favorite things about WeWork is the fact that as the WeWork community grows, so does the impact our members can have on the surrounding community in our city. After talking with Mike and the Seoul Senior Welfare Center, we put together a campaign with KLC to help the less fortunate elderly in our community stay warm through this winter by setting a goal to collect 500 winter coats or blankets from our community.

Our friends at Uber (members at WeWork Yeoksam Station) are also partnering with us, helping with pick-ups and drop-offs from all WeWork Korea buildings to the Senior Welfare Center (as well as providing other perks to those who donate).

Our amazing Brand team has put together these activation points at each location with the main donation collection counter being tallied up at WeWork Euljiro.

To help kick things off, I will be purchasing to donate 260 new winter coats, our Head of Public Affairs in Asia for WeWork, Jenny, has generously donated 50 new coats, and our Managing Director of Pacific, Eugen, along with our Managing Director for Strategy, Ole, have also committed to donating 100 new winter coats.



A sincere thank you to all employees and members for helping to contribute to this campaign helping share the warmth to the seniors in our city!

This is just the first of many community give back campaigns in Korea for 2018 – I’ve been having a lot of exciting conversations with local non-profits, organizations, and companies on how the growing WeWork Korea community can contribute to the social good in all of the neighborhoods in Seoul. If you have any ideas or want to partner together, please reach out!

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