WeWork Creator Awards Seoul 2018

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I am so excited to announce today that we are bringing the WeWork Creator Awards to Seoul this year!!

The Creator Awards is a global initiative to recognize and reward local creators right here in Korea. We will be awarding over 1 million USD (12억원) to winners in four categories: Performing Arts Award – 공연예술 (for entertainers and groups with a unique point of view – $18k – $72k USD), Nonprofit Award – 비영리 단체 (for charitable organizations big and small – $130k – $360k USD), New Venture Award – 새로운 벤처기업 (for entrepreneurs and companies with fresh ideas – $130k – $360k USD), and the Community Giver Award – 지역사회 기여자 및 단체 (for those making a difference – $36k – $130k USD).

Everyone is eligible to apply! – WeWork members and non-members; individuals and organizations; for-profits and nonprofits at any stage are eligible to apply for the Creator Awards. You do not need to be a WeWork member to apply, but everyone who does apply will receive a free one-year We Membership as our way of saying “welcome.” You are able to apply here. We will be adding in the ability to apply in Korean shortly!

The Creator Awards includes a series of events leading up to the main ceremony and celebration here in Seoul. Finalists for the Nonprofit, New Venture, and Community Giver Awards will be selected from online entries and invited to present at a Regional Semi-Final event. Select winners of the Nonprofit Award, New Venture Award, and Community Giver Awards will be chosen at each Regional Semi-Final event and will then have a chance to compete for additional awards at the Global Finals. Winners in the Performing Arts Award category will be selected from an internal judging process and are invited to perform at their Creator Awards regional final.

The Creator Awards Global Finals will take place in 2019 in New York City. Select winners from each Regional Semi-Final event will present a second time for additional awards followed by an evening of celebration on a grand scale.

A lot more information will be coming soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me any time or visit our Creator Awards website.

WeWork Seolleung Station Opens July 2018

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WeWork Seolleung Station

Today we announced that our 9th location in Seoul – WeWork Seolleung Station – will be opening up this July! The building (shown above) is the current PCA Life Tower located near Seolleung Station that we will be renaming soon. We will be taking 14 floors (and the retail floor) here and there will be capacity to hold ~1,200 new WeWork community members.

In addition to us opening up in Gwanghwamun (this Friday), Yeouido (April 1), and Seoul Station (May 1) – we will now have 5 locations open in Gangnam by July (2 at Yeoksam, 1 at Samseong, 1 at Gangnam and 1 at Seolleung). I couldn’t be more excited to continue to see the WeWork community grow in Korea!

WeWork Yeoksam Station II

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WeWork Yeoksam Station (Arc Place)

We opened up our 4th location in Seoul, WeWork Yeoksam Station, a little less than 3 months ago at Arc Place (formally Capital Tower). If you haven’t had a chance to visit yet, you should come to check it out on Thursday night at our first WeWork After Dark in Korea. It’s an amazing space with a great community that includes companies such as Wanted, Collab, Uber, Hana TI, and Freshcode.


WeWork Yeoksam Station II (WeWork Building)

We’re very excited to grow the WeWork community in Gangnam with our 8th location in Seoul (and second in the Yeoksam area) that will be named WeWork Yeoksam Station II. WeWork will be occupying the entire building (14 floors and the 3 basement levels). The new location will be opening up on June 1st and hold over 1,000+ members. We will also be renaming the building to “WeWork Building”, matching the name of our other location near Samseong Station.

We’ve started touring so let me know if you want to stop by!

WeWork Summer Camp 2018

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WeWork Summer Camp tickets for 2018 are now on sale! The easiest way to explain Summer Camp is that it will be the most fun you have all year. It is a full weekend of outdoor activities, good food and drinks, amazing musical guests and just an all-round great time hanging out with friends.

This year will be at Eridge Park outside of London (same as last year) from August 17-19. In addition to releasing the location and date, the Summer Camp team also announced the first performer…


I’d love for there to be amazing representation from the WeWork Korea community so if you’re interested in attending or want to learn more, please reach out to me at any time. Also, keep checking out our Summer Camp website as it’s constantly updated leading up to the date. Hope to see you there!

WeWork After Dark Seoul

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It was almost 7 years ago when Jesse, Kyle and I arranged the first WeWork After Dark at the WeWork Soho Lounge.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 7.03.34 PM

As you can see from the email above, the concept was simple – an open event to anyone who didn’t want to work alone at night. You can also see that we moved just as fast back then – from idea to invitation / execution on the same day.

There were a lot of great, fun nights for sure, but what made WeWork After Dark special were all of the new friends that each of us made. I’m not exactly sure why but there’s something about spending time late at night in a casual setting with people that seems to bring people together quickly.


I’m really excited to relaunch WeWork After Dark here in Seoul!

The first one will be on February 22 starting at 8PM at WeWork Yeoksam Station (our newest WeWork location in Korea!). Please RSVP here if you’d like to come and feel free to invite your friends. Hope to see you there!

Seoul Startup Breakfast Meetup

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Back in January of 2011 my friend Scott Britton organized a recurring breakfast in New York City for the startup community. Every time we planned to meet up someone was given the responsibility of bringing 3 or 4 new friends. While a simple enough concept, it was definitely one of the most impactful things that I did then as I was finding my way (both in terms of making new friends and growing my professional network).

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.58.22 AM

I’m excited to be restarting this event through Meetup, and I’m really looking forward to meeting as many new people in the Seoul startup community (or those thinking of getting involved) as possible. The first one will be next Thursday on 2/1 at WeWork Euljiro. The plan is to continually rotate between all of the different WeWork locations in the city (and to rotate what’s for breakfast). Join the group here – Seoul Startup Breakfast.

Hope to see you soon!

WeWork Korea – Share the Warmth Winter 2018 Campaign

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Over lunch a couple months ago I told Mike Kim, founder of The Korea Legacy Committee (KLC), that I had seen his group’s video (above), and it really had a profound impact on me. The stats regarding the elderly mentioned in the video truly shocked me, and on a personal level it made me think of my own mother and grandmother’s situation in Korea. I’m thankful to Mike and his team for volunteering so much of their time and efforts to bring awareness and action to this issue.

I’m also incredibly thankful to our WeWork Korea team and members who came out in November to help prepare and serve meals to over 2,000 seniors at the Seoul Senior Welfare Center that KLC helped to organize.

So about today… it’s cold in Seoul. Like really cold.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.31.32 PM.png

One of my favorite things about WeWork is the fact that as the WeWork community grows, so does the impact our members can have on the surrounding community in our city. After talking with Mike and the Seoul Senior Welfare Center, we put together a campaign with KLC to help the less fortunate elderly in our community stay warm through this winter by setting a goal to collect 500 winter coats or blankets from our community.

Our friends at Uber (members at WeWork Yeoksam Station) are also partnering with us, helping with pick-ups and drop-offs from all WeWork Korea buildings to the Senior Welfare Center (as well as providing other perks to those who donate).

Our amazing Brand team has put together these activation points at each location with the main donation collection counter being tallied up at WeWork Euljiro.

To help kick things off, I will be purchasing to donate 260 new winter coats, our Head of Public Affairs in Asia for WeWork, Jenny, has generously donated 50 new coats, and our Managing Director of Pacific, Eugen, along with our Managing Director for Strategy, Ole, have also committed to donating 100 new winter coats.



A sincere thank you to all employees and members for helping to contribute to this campaign helping share the warmth to the seniors in our city!

This is just the first of many community give back campaigns in Korea for 2018 – I’ve been having a lot of exciting conversations with local non-profits, organizations, and companies on how the growing WeWork Korea community can contribute to the social good in all of the neighborhoods in Seoul. If you have any ideas or want to partner together, please reach out!