Dongnae iOS & Android Apps Live!

At Dongnae we’re building a new way for people in Seoul to find their next home. You can now download our apps here: Dongnae iOS app & Dongnae Android app to view a quickly growing list of homes across the entire city. We’re continually deploying updates with new features and bug fixes so please make

Beta Test Users – Dongnae App

The team at Dongnae has been incredibly busy since we announced our seed round in December. We’re excited to finally publicly share what we’ve been working on, and we’d love to have anyone that’s actively looking to buy or rent a home in Korea help us as a beta test user on the app. The

Dongnae Weekly Email Newsletter

Interested in real estate in Korea? Each week our team at Dongnae puts together and shares a free email newsletter to thousands of people with the latest updates, news, and trends for the industry (and our company). Sign up here to receive our weekly newsletter:

Real Estate in Korea during COVID-19 – Untact 부동산

The health and safety of our employees, customers, and brokerage partners is always our number priority at Dongnae. With the recent spike of COVID-19 cases across the country, we are implementing a number of important initiatives in an effort to encourage “untact real estate” (언택트 부동산). Untact is a concept that was coined in Korea

Dongnae’s Instagram is now live

Every neighborhood is special. The homes, businesses and people that make up the communities that we live are both always changing. Always evolving. And yet somehow over time we all develop specific thoughts and unique memories about our past and present neighborhoods. The neighbors we had, the parks we’ve walked through, the stores and restaurants

Sponsorship Opportunity at GOA’L – Birth Family Search

If you’re adopted, making the choice to search for and possibly connect with your birth family is one of the hardest decisions that you’ll ever make in your life. Depending on where you ended up, many of us grow up with so many questions — why me? are my parents back in Korea still alive?

That Next Chapter – Hello Dongnae!

한글로 보기 2020 has clearly not turned out the way any of us thought that it would. When I wrote this post back in late October of last year to say my goodbyes to WeWork I had thought that by this time I would be settling into that new chapter in Europe. But you know